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We provide the best solutions in space communications in the domestic and international markets, contributing to the sustainable development of the Digital Economy of Kazakhstan, business and the well-being of the population.
The first official document on the establishment of the Republican Center for Space Communications was issued on December 30, 2003. By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated No. 1335 "Some issues of creating and launching a geostationary communication and broadcasting satellite", it was decided to create a joint-stock company "Republican Center for Space Communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radioelectronic Means" (RC SC EC RM - the former name of the company) with 100% participation the state in the authorized capital.
On March 18, 2004, the state registration of the legal entity JSC "RC SC EC RM" took place. This day became the birthday of the company, which was entrusted with the most important state task - the creation of space communications in Kazakhstan. Victor Lefter was appointed the President of JSC "RC SC EC RM".
KazSat expands the boundaries of cooperation between satellite operators of the Silk Road countries and creates space infrastructure designed to strengthen the national potential of Kazakhstan, to provide modern aerospace services at the intersection of politics, business and new technologies.
Start of work on the project of the space communication system "KazSat"
In December 2005, a ground-based spacecraft control complex and communication monitoring systems were put into operation in Akkol, Akmola region (SCC "Akkol").
KazSat-1 spacecraft launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome - June 18, 2006.
Development of a reserve ground complex "Kokterek"
The launch of the KazSat-2 spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome - July 16, 2011.
By Government Decree No. 721 of May 31, 2012, RCSC JSC was designated the national operator of the space communication system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
On June 29, 2013, a reserve ground-based spacecraft control complex and communication monitoring systems were put into operation in the Kokterek village of the Almaty region (SCC "Kokterek").
The launch of the KazSat-3 spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome - April 28, 2014.
"RCSC is the first enterprise that created ground-based space infrastructure in Kazakhstan, raised the country's first space communications engineers. We value each specialist and are proud of the history of our enterprise ..."
Ex-Chairman of the Board of JSC "Republican Center for Space Communication"
In 2017, all TV broadcasting of the Republic of Kazakhstan was transferred to Kazakhstani communication and broadcasting satellites. RCSC JSC is reaching a break-even level of service provision.
Since August 2018, RCSC JSC provides the domestic market of information technology and telecommunications services by 100%
2019 RCSC JSC receives a net profit of about one billion tenge, the entire amount is transferred to the state treasury.
About Company
10 января 2022 года - День общенационального траура в Казахстане

НУР-СУЛТАН - В связи с многочисленными человеческими жертвами в результате трагических событий в ряде регионов страны, решением Президента Казахстана Касым-Жомарта Токаева 10 января 2022 года объявлен днем общенационального траура. Сегодня в Казахстане приспущены все государственные флаги.

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