SCC Kokterek

CCS "Kokterek"

State acceptance and commissioning of CCS "Kokterek" were carried out on June 28, 2013.
CCS "Kokterek" is a modern technological center, created as an analogue of the existing CCS "Akkol".
Modernization and reconstruction of the center under the KazSat-3 project was carried out in October 2013.
CCS "Kokterek" is intended for:
  • backup control, monitoring, maintenance of the specified technical and ballistic characteristics of the KazSat series spacecraft
  • monitoring the payload of the spacecraft of the "KazSat" series
  • provision of Teleport services - Pre-hubbing, Collocation, Last-mile.
Constantly developing and expanding the range of provided types of telecommunication services, RCSC JSC created the first Kazakhstan Teleport, providing interaction between satellite and terrestrial communication networks, based on the Kokterek SCC.
The realized potential of the CCS "Kokterek" makes it possible to operate it not only for its intended purpose, but also to offer its infrastructure to satellite communications companies interested in the smooth and efficient operation of their satellite networks, as well as in the development of promising projects ... The multipurpose use of the technologically modern site of the Kokterek SCC will be another stage in the successful development of the information and communication industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Communications satellite "Kazsat-2" completed its 4000th orbital loop

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