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On the 30th anniversary of Independence of the RK Category "OUR PEOPLE"

Author - Нургалиева Сара Кабиевна
Translator - Динара Жумабаева
Date: 27.12.2021

The team of "RCSC" JSC became the winner in the intellectual and entertaining game "IT ROOM"

NURSULTAN. PRIVATE INFORMATION – At the initiative of the Ministry of digital development, innovations and aerospace industry (MDDIAI) RK 25 Dec 2021 on the territory of Astana Hab for the fourth time competitions among the participants of the intellectual and entertaining game "IT ROOM" were held.

According to the organizers of the event, the purpose of the "IT-ROOM" is to unite the team, establish new connections, the topics of the game issues cover the spheres of activity of the ministry, namely, technology, innovation and space.

The first game was attended by the heads of the MDDIAI, structural divisions and subordinate organizations of the Ministry. The second game was attended by teams consisting of employees of various structural divisions of the MDDIAI RK. Teams of employees of subordinate organizations were invited to the third game. IT companies took part in the fourth game.

In total, 8 teams of representatives of subordinate organizations of the MDDIAI RK took part in the intellectual game. Each team had 10 people, the game consisted of 7 rounds and 50 questions, each of them was given 30 seconds to answer.

The team of "RCSC" JSC, taking part in the third and fourth games, became the leader of the "IT-ROOM". At the meeting, which took place on December 4, 2021, the representatives of the RCSC took second place, losing only two points to the winner - the team of "NIT" JSC. But in the second game on December 25, our team of "RCSC" JSC, led by Captain Adilkair Kadyr, Director of the Department of Strategic Projects, had no equal. The Kazsat team won by a large margin of 5.5 points. We congratulate our colleagues on their well-deserved victory and are pleased to call their names: Didar Zarkumov, Asset Akhmetzhanov, Alexey Khalimov, Ulykhan Raiskhanov, Yerlan Dosimbayev, Indira Shahan, Adil Tuigimbek, Aidar Kairbayev, Adilkair Kadyr.

As the participants of the game told, they received a lot of necessary information, new friends among the MDDIAI colleagues, as well as a well-deserved status of intellectuals in the field of information technology.