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Kazsat National Space Communication and Broadcasting System is 17 years old.

Author - Нургалиева Сара Кабиевна
Translator - Айгерим Б. Мурзина
Date: 18.03.2021

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 2003, the formation of the first national satellite communication and broadcasting system in Kazakhstan began. This responsible state task of creating and developing the space communications and broadcasting system "Kazsat" was entrusted to the Republican center of space communication (“RCSC”), established on March 18, 2004. Malik Zhuiriktayev, Chairman of the Board of the “Republican center of space communication” JSC, told the Kazinform correspondent about the results with which the RSCS celebrates its 17th birthday, what are the prospects and opportunities of the Kazakh group of communication satellites.

- Malik Kunyshbekovich, exactly a year ago, with the introduction of quarantine in the country, the strategic objects of space communication in Kazakhstan were also in a special regime. What are the results of the enterprise's work in 2020?

- The operation of the space communication and broadcasting system "Kazsat" as part of two communication satellites "Kazsat-2" and "Kazsat-З", through which the needs of the whole country in communication services, television broadcasting, broadband Internet access are met, is proceeding normally. The specialists of JSC "RCSC" conduct round-the-clock control of comic devices from the main ground-based complex - the Space Communication Center (CSC) "Akkol" in the Akmola region and the reserve CSC "Kokterek" in the Almaty region.

At the moment, the utilization of the “Kazsat” space communication system is about 74%. In the conditions of quarantine, the regime of restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus at the facilities of the “RCSC” was strengthened, uninterrupted operation and complete safety of the functioning of the space communication system were ensured.

As I have already said, “RCSC” provides 100% of the information technology and telecommunication services market by providing lease of transponder capacity to satellite operators. The services of our communication satellites "Kazsat" are used by 15 main Kazakhstani communication and broadcasting operators, which have more than 13 thousand satellite earth stations located in the country.

I will name just a few numbers. The total income from the operation of the “Kazsat” space communication system, starting from 2011, was received in the amount of 36, 19 billion tenge, import substitution for this period amounted to 78.03 billion tenge. Income in 2020 is 7.6 billion tenge, annual import substitution is provided at the level of 11.68 billion tenge. In 2020, 100% of the enterprise's net profit was transferred to the republican budget, which is about one billion tenge.

- Among the important promising projects was the creation of a replacement satellite “Kazsat-2R”. During a recent report to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported that a decision was made to terminate the “Kazsat-2R” project in favor of innovative solutions, including those related to new generation satellite communications constellations. “This will save billions of tenge of budget funds,” the message says. Your comment?

- Indeed, the main task of the “Kazsat-2R” project was the planned replacement of the “KazSat-2” satellite, the protection of the orbital-frequency resource of Kazakhstan and the use of the assembly and testing complex of spacecraft in Nur-Sultan city. However, the proposals received from potential partners for the implementation of this project did not correspond to the objectives of the project and the interests of the state. In this regard, such a decision was made.

Today, the market for satellite communication services is characterized by high competition, needs from operators and end users grow from day to day. An increase in channel capacity, requests for signal quality require the introduction of new services, and we should not stay away from the opportunities that new satellite technologies provide. We are talking about new generation systems; these are global high-speed low-latency non-geostationary satellite systems (non-GSO systems).

Undoubtedly, the “RCSC” team will use all the opportunities that are opening up today, without abandoning either new low-orbit services or classical satellites of the geostationary orbit (GSO). In our press release on this issue, we clearly stated that "the work on the creation of an additional geostationary satellite continues, already taking into account the new approach." I want to note that we do not plan to oppose one service to another (LEO versus GEO). I believe, that the most optimal would be the use of both systems, complementing them to each other.

Refusal from the “Kazsat-2R” project will not negatively affect the plans for the development of the domestic communication system. All strategic tasks of the space communication system will be fulfilled. The operating group "Kazsat" will fully satisfy the existing demand. After the expiration of the active life of the “Kazsat-2” satellite (approximately 2024-2025), the networks of state bodies and security services will be transferred to “Kazsat-3”. Thus, the strategic tasks, including digital TV and radio broadcasting, of ensuring the country's defense will be fulfilled by the “Kazsat-3” satellite, the capacity of which is sufficient for these purposes. In the future, the planned replacement of the “Kazsat-3” satellite will be carried out (approximately in 2029), taking into account all trends and development of technologies in full compliance with the requirements of the time and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- What are the long-term plans of “RCSC” JSC?

- Currently, our company is faced with the task of reaching the international level, ensuring the export of products. There is a beginning of cooperation in this regard with Kyrgyzstan, we expect new work with satellite operators in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

In connection with the new tasks of the effective use of satellite systems in Kazakhstan, a transformation process awaits us. But I think that the 17-year experience of our enterprise in the creation and operation of a satellite communication and broadcasting system, a powerful and close-knit team of “RCSC” specialists will allow us to keep pace with the new requirements for the further improvement of space systems.

The birthday of our company takes place on the eve of the Nauryz holiday. Our team has always been famous for its labor success, good traditions and the continuity of generations. I hope that these distinctive qualities of “RCSC” JSC will remain with us in the future. Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming Nauryz holiday and wish everyone peace and prosperity in the coming new year according to the calendar of nature itself.

- Thank you for the interview, good luck and success to the staff of the Republican center of space communication.